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AgroKlasterEco 143500 Moscow Oblast Istra , street: Ohotnichy proezd 3 office no.: 13 INN 7702642668 email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. tel./fax 8 (499) 130-80-02 tel. kom. + 7 (903) 007 88 88

CONTACT US AGROKLASTER “Your reliable business partner for technologies of modern agribusiness and food processing industry and eco-friendly technologies"



OUR OFFICE Headquoters in Poland of the European Union EU Poland 87-100 Torun Wladysława Lokietka 5


Enter the Agroklaster Alliance to be the part of healthy and tasty changes in agro and food industry and ecofriendly technologies.

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Realizacje & know how EN

There are many manufacturers and suppliers of technology on the market – we have checked their reliability and we know their weaknesses and strengths.

THANKS TO INVESTMENTS in modern agrobusiness, R&D and the exchange of best practices, Poland is a leader in food production and Europe loves Polish food. Our technology is verified and it really works. We will show you how to execute investments successfully.

WE CREATE MODERN TECHNOLOGY Within the period from 2007 until today, KLASTER’s members have executed over 360 comprehensive investments, including: - Agro-Line: 140 investments for the total amount of over: € 248 million; - Food-Line: 60 investments for the total amount of over: € 315 million; - Eco-Line: 100 industrial investments and 60 municipal ones for the total amount of over: € 240 million.

MODERN AGROBUSINESS Experiences derived from the work of generations and knowledge acquired by entrepreneurs, theri parents and grandparents. We have learned to combine business with science or traditions and innovations thanks to cooperation and R&D. We want to share this experience and recommend modern but proven technologies as well as the best suppliers in terms of quality and price.


OUR GOAL IS TO EXCHANGE THE BEST PRACTICES ON FOREIGN MARKETS This is why we opened “AgroKlasterEco” in Russia, a special purpose vehicle, who will be your partner, expert or supplier. There are two possible cooperation schemes: 1. An exchange rate contract concluded directly with the manufacturer and supplier of devices; or 2. A contract in rubles concluded with “AgroKlasterEco”, who will take responsibility for the entirety of the implementation. In both cases, KLASTER guarantees manufacturer’s prices and payment conditions, financing as well as support for Polish entrepreneurs in the development of business.

Examples of our implementationsAGROKLASTER SUCCESS STORY


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Agro&Food-Line EN


We foresight and work hard to bring you safe and tasty food goods for your happiness and healthy living.

AGROKLASTER KUJAWY PROVIDES full potential and most modern solutions for the poultry industry - breeding farms - feeding techniques - slaughtering solutions - consumer food safety - modern packing standards


GRAINS SYSTEMS Poland is nowadays world leading producer of food, as well as de- signer and manufacturer of mod- ern instruments for agribusiness and food industry. Our agro group takes an important part in devel- oping best solutions. - crop input improvement - grain handling - drying and cleaning solutions - storage and elevation systems

VEGs & FRUITS Vegetarian food needs a special and safe treatment. Poland’s natural conditions forced us to find most satisfying solutions - fertilization improvement - greenhousing - processing technologies - automation - storage systems - treatment innovations

What we can do for you more

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Oczyszczalnie MBR EN

Core Value Giving nature back what has been taken

OSEWAGE TREATMENT PLANT The agriculture and foods industry has a huge effect on the environment. What is the most crucial is how we use our natural resources. They may be irreparably damaged or saved for future generations thanks to solutions AGROKLASTER: - municipal sewage treatment plants; - industrial processing plants; - renewable resources; - water and energy recovery.

FIGHT WITH US FOR A BETTER TOMORROW We know that for every producer, the plant is a cost that affects the profitability of production. We have experience and provide only proven solutions that reduce costs and are reliable in operation.

Mission PDesign of wastewater treatment systems that immitate natural ways to neutralise hazardous substances

Vision We are the company that changes the common perception about wastewater

No risk of sludge leak



No illness causing bacteria in treated effluent

No birds bathing in the sludge



No eutrophication of lakes and rivers

No odours or nuisance for neighbours.Complete containment.


The MBR technology is environmentally friendly, budget-friendly and reduces operation costs. Recommended as Best Available Technique (BAT) of wastewater treatment by European Union Completely personalized. Not affected by seasons of the year Cost-efficient MBR sewage treatment plants may be located within the areas of national parks and nature reserves.

Area reduction 4 times smaller in comparison to a conventional plant


A REDUCTION OF THE SEWAGE TREATMENT PLANT’S AREA The perfect solution for modernization, where there is a need to increase the capacity, with the area of the existing sewage treatment plant limited.


An example of modernization Limiting the useable area by removing the unnecessary parts of the sewage treatment plant.

Reduction of personnel costs 2 employees for 8 Wastewater Treatment Plants

Powerful tool For remote supervision

Using any web-enabled device

At any time

From any place in the world

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Home EN

The Association for innovation and developmentCome participate in our experiment

We rose from AGRO KLASTER KUJAWY Thanks to the implemented Klaster projects, we checked the reliability as well as the weaknesses and strengths of device manufacturers. Our technology is verified and it really works. We will be happy to share with you our experience and recommend the latest technology from the best suppliers in the Agro & Food & Eco-Line industry.

We analyze needs and utilize the effect of success We wish to invite you to visit us, where we will show you how to execute investments The Klaster now is the experience of generations and knowledge gained over decades. We have learned to combine business with science, traditions with innovations, through cooperation in the field of research and development.

We focus on reputation You can avoid unreliable suppliers, errors in technology, the manufacturers’ monopoly, high investment costs and unjustified operating charges.Our goal is the exchange of the best practices on foreign markets.We are supporters of environment protection and safe food production, which guarantees that the investment will pay out.

4 scopes of business activity

Investment financing Thanks to KLASTER’s co-operation ties, we may grant you a deferred payment date up to two years or help you obtain a subsidized loan for financing the investment to be paid off within up to 7 years.

Research and Development (R&D)

AGRO KLASTER is an Association composed of the University of Technology and Life Sciences in Bydgoszcz, the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń, the Institute of Technology and Life Sciences in Falenty, the , Kujawsko-Pomorskie Voivodeship Agricultural Advisory Center in Minkowoand the Innovation and Sustainability Institute as well as the manufacturers of devices and other companies in the agriculture and foods industry. We introduce innovative technologies and products in the scope of safe production of food and environment protection. Agro Klaster remains open to new business proposals from around the world. Contact us to learn more about the projects we are currently working on.

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